Going Grey

I just wanted to have grey hair so bad. I mean, it looks amazing on everyone. It is so in right now. And I truly think I could pull grey hair off.


So I innocently made an appointment to my local hair salon. All my misadventures start with the best of intentions. How hard was it to get a hair dye?


Here is a picture of me before. In case you guys forgot how fantastic my hair is.



I don’t know why I look so emo here


I brought a book and some water (which I cannot go anywhere without) and was ready for it to take about 2 hours. That was normal for the intense bleaching and then toning I was looking for. But I was willing to wait and brave chemical burns for my new found sense of style.


That first night we bleached my hair. And I wound up looking like Thranduil.



I hate my hot elvish son


But my hair refused to lighten enough to go grey. The hair stylist decided to try foiling my hair. The process was fascinating. Not least because she mistakenly thought kitchenware would help where probable cancer causing chemicals did not.


But I wound up looking like some sort of gingery blonde. I have to admit. It was pretty cute.



So happy and smiley.


But five days later, I returned to her chair with my book. And we bleached it again. My hair did not like the bleaching. But I really did not care. My hair would be tamed.


And I wound up looking like Draco Malfoy.


My father will hear about this!


It actually looked pretty cute for a week. But it still was not grey.



Doctor Who in the house!


So I went back a third time. I finished my novel. I was reading Gulp by Mary Roach. As an aside here, if Mary Roach is looking for a 31 year old friend that lives in Florida I am available. All her books are amazing, hilarious and informative. And Gulp is also fascinatingly gross.


After two more bleachings, my hair was finally light enough to go grey. In case you lost count, that’s four bleachings in two weeks. Yes, my scalp was angry. My hair still has a bit of a weird texture to it. But not even a nuclear explosion could make that shit fall out. (Though actually it could since that is one of the symptoms of radiation poisoning).


We both realized that the reason we struggled with my hair so much was that I had auburn hair as a kid. Apparently red heads have difficult hair to bleach. Who knew?


So I had grey hair for one hot minute.


I dare you to tell me I don’t look fantastic here.


But the bleach has been working on my hair over time now and a few weeks later, I am blonde again.



Me now. Making some weird face.


I think next time I will go back to my childhood roots and dye it red. Sorry for all the pics of myself! 


18 thoughts on “Going Grey

  1. Why be sorry? It’s all quite interesting, all the photos of you for comparison. I’ve colored my hair in the past, shortly before and shortly after I got married. But over a decade later, Cimmy insists all my grey is earned- head, chin, chest, all of it. She has comparatively fewer despite being five years older than me. She has her parents’ genetics to keep hair color, while I am destined to be grey to snowy white once I reach retirement age.

    I do think it’d be a trip to dye my beard a strange color, though.

    • I did my armpits and pubes once. I think the beard would be cool. You should do it! I’m not sure I’ll ever be grey naturally. Which is funny because my father was fully grey when he was 25.

  2. I think you would totally rock a gray to violet ombré look on your tresses. I so don’t have the guts to do what you did, but you can pull it off. Maybe splurge and find a great high end hairdresser to help you achieve the look you are going for?

  3. I can’t be bleached out either. And gray hairs are rarer for us. The more red, the more the fade, not so much with the gray. I had a good streak of gray hair going for a few years. Now I don’t. I think it’s due to mental health improvement.
    Also, I like your face. Don’t apologize for your photos. It’s a nice face, especially when happy and stuff.

  4. I really, really, really want to do fun dye stuff with my hair. Only my hair has decided to be an asshole and refuse to hold all hair color. BK (that’s before kids) I could dye my hair a nice deep red, and it would last for EVERY. AK (After kids) any dye washes out in a week. That’s why I’m too scared to bleach it out, because all the dye would wash out and I’d have weird platinum/white stuff going on. with dark brown eyebrows.

    • I think platinum with dark eyebrows can look really good. I would have been happy with that too. The good thing is that if it looks bad you can always go dark again.

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