I know I promised you guys more Tucson stories. And I do have more. But I don’t feel like talking about that today for some reason. Instead I am going to tell you about an exciting adventure I had back in February.


Many of you know (or should know) Vic from JustPlainOlVic. He is one of my best bros in real life. He also reads every blog post I write because he is awesome and cool and supportive like that.


So he KNOWS what is up with me. It is rare for my real life people to read my blog. And yet, for some strange reason, he decided he was going to take me shooting.


Yes, me. The person that dropped a steak knife off a balcony. The person that cut my thumb off in a car door. The person that swallowed a piece of glass. And tried to pull my brace off with pliers. Vic was going to hand ME a loaded weapon and then stand next to me.


Readers, if you don’t read his blog, you need to start. He is apparently one of the bravest men I have ever met. I don’t even trust me with a loaded weapon. I get nervous when I am using a knife. And I believe I have mentioned how irresponsible and obnoxious I get with toy guns.


I was freaking out for weeks leading up to the event. What if I dropped it and shot myself in the foot? What if I forgot it was a real gun and shot Vic? What if something in my brain snapped and I went on a murder spree? (It could happen, you don’t know).


The day of he showed up at my door and went over gun safety with me. He was all business and guns in my apartment. I was trying to be serious, because I know gun safety is serious. But I have a hard time being appropriate.


Vic is a serious gun owner and he taught me everything I know about gun safety. And whatever I don’t know is my fault, not his.


And then we went to the shooting range!


Where I learned all about gun safety again.


And then it was time. He showed me how to set up and fire the two guns he brought for me. He showed me how to reload a clip. And then, there was nothing else I could do to stall him any more.


We set up a target 25 feet away. It was a man shaped target which I felt a bit weird about. I would much rather shoot something cool like Godzilla or a velociraptor. Which is what I pretended to do the whole time. I even wore my Jurassic Park shirt to get myself in the right mood.


Vic had brought me a hand gun and a pistol. Both of which shot .22 caliper. Because I am ambidextrous, I was not sure which hand would be better to shoot with. So I tried both.


I found that both were equally comfortable and that I much preferred the digital sight on the rifle. I was so proud of myself that I took the target home and am going to frame it.


I think it will go nicely in my bathroom. Maybe make some people think twice about messing with me. While they are using my toilet.


And I didn’t even shoot anyone. Or drop a hot shell down my top.


Afterwards, I took Vic out for steaks as a thank you. All we were missing were the cigars and glasses of scotch. We were the manliest of men on that day.

Hopefully, I didn’t behave too badly and he will take me again soon because he has a shotgun I have my eye on shooting next (hint hint).


8 thoughts on “Shooting

  1. You did pretty damn good for a novice that first time. I just had you shoot some little .22’s to get you warmed up. Next time I will bring out the bigger guns!

    Yes we need to go shooting again, but in my defense I have been busy and you have been hanging out in Tucson having a fun time! I promise I will set something up soon!

  2. That’s pretty good shooting for your first time out. But be careful of that shotgun. It’s got about a mules worth more kick than those little pea shooter .22’s!

  3. Ohhhh…I love reading your blog! You always remind me of the most obscure stories that I had filed in the “this shit is not important enough to remember” part of my brain. I’ll have a shooting story coming up soon!

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