Trip to Tucson part 1


E and I (with her permission).

You guys might be wondering where I have been this past week. And if you remember, I was on vacation in Arizona. See, my friend, E, won an award and got to go on an all expense paid week long trip to Tucson.


I have never been out west and when she invited me to go as her plus one I was actually just staring at my phone in shock. I wanted to respond in a way that didn’t make her instantly regret inviting me but my brain was short circuiting with excitement and all I could really think was “askjaksadjask.”


I played it pretty cool though and hopefully managed to be appreciative. Which I was and am. Because my trip was fucking amazing!


It’s going to take me a few posts to talk about all the things we did and saw so I will just start here with day one when we got to Tucson.


I am a well known vomiter in the circles of people that know me in real life. I get every kind of motion sickness possible, plus I puke when I have a bad migraine.


I read once that the average person vomits 1 to 5 times per year. But if that is the case then I am vomiting for a lot of you out there. Because I vomit more than that in an average month. In February of this year alone I vomited about 20 times.


This is important to my story because despite all the planes, buses, shuttles, and bumpy jeep rides I did not puke the entire trip!


As soon as we landed in Tucson I started freaking out about the scenery and plant life. It was so different from Florida. There was ZERO humidity and the mountains and cacti were everywhere. The sky was so open and blue. Like nothing I had ever seen before.


The hotel was set low into a mountain overlooking the city. E and I stayed out every night looking at the stars with our new friend, J. None of us had ever seen so many stars before. It was awe inspiring.


E and I had run into J at the airport and the three of us really hit it off right away. We seemed to be the only single people on the trip and spent most of the rest of the time hanging out together.


To be honest, I had no opinion of J until that first night. We were all given fleeces for our trip. Men got black and women got sky blue. Mine was too tight for me and I preferred black anyway.


I got with the coordinators and asked if I could trade mine out. The coordinator asked what size I needed and I wasn’t sure. So I asked J if I could try his jacket on. He pulled it up over his head and his t-shirt completely stuck to it from static. He flashed everyone at our table his stomach and chest.


Not wanting to stare or make too much fun, I looked away, respectfully. He seemed embarrassed (who wouldn’t be?) and I didn’t know him that well. I took the jacket, unzipped it, and went to put it on. That was when J said, “The zipper goes all the way down?!”


I stared at him for a moment and realized that was why he had pulled it up over his head. He hadn’t known it had a zipper! I completely lost it. I laughed so hard I had to put my head down because I was crying.


I am sure he was mortified and I do feel a tiny bit bad for laughing so hard. But it was just so fucking funny. Besides, it was a good ice breaker and it reminded me so much of something I would do. I really started to like him after that.
And I obviously brought it up every chance I could for the remainder of the trip because that is what true friends do.


All photos taken by E.


13 thoughts on “Trip to Tucson part 1

  1. Finally I found you again 🙂 And I can immediately join the vomiter club. I’ve been puking on all means of transportation I know, And that’s why I will never fulfill one of my travel dreams (besides the money): a cruise.

  2. Can’t get over how crystal clear the air is there. Great photos.

    You must be doing my share of puking too. I honestly think the last time my stomach emptied itself via the top opening was in like 1980. It is for that reason that I get the task of cleaning up after the other pukers in my life – kids, pets, etc. It ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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