Alright everyone. I am going to be doing my own little NaNoWriMo next month. Yes I know it’s officially in November, but if I followed silly things like rules I wouldn’t be the success I am now.

But NaNoWriMo means I’ll be taking a break from my blogs, and my friends, and even my crafting (that’s how you know I am so serious about it).

I promise I will be back in April. I have lots of stories left to tell. And more upcoming adventures where I am sure I will manage to maim myself or others (or both!).


So this is my last blog post until next month. And it isn’t even funny. But, since it IS Thursday; I’ll give you a little something to remember me by. A throwback Thursday photo of when I was thin and miserable and had the worst god damn hair cut in the history of the world.


Enjoy it!




And the drummer at this concert was being a total creeper that day too.



And if any of you find that you cant live without me, I am only an email away.




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