Getting High

As a young child I was always trying to find some way to get high. I think we all did the things I am going to describe. As an adult I have alcohol and prescription drugs. But as a child, you have to use more natural methods. And I tried a lot of them.


I would stand with my arms spread wide and look up at the sky and spin around and around until I couldn’t spin anymore. Then I would try to walk around, stumbling and laughing.

Like this but less romantic-y.


When my older sister, W, would bring her boyfriends home, they would pick us up by our hands and swing us around in circles. In retrospect, my parents probably should not have let them do that. Especially to my sister, J, who had a habit of getting her shoulder dislocated. It just sounds dangerous. But we were surprisingly never injured.

How is this safe?


As an adult, before I started drinking, I had read this article and decided to try a few of the methods described.


I had already experienced the ‘high’ of not eating for several days back in high school. I used to do that all the time. It definitely works. But I wouldn’t recommend it as it is very unhealthy and potentially dangerous.


I also had experienced the high of sleep deprivation many times in my life. I have always had chronic insomnia from as far back as I can remember. I have gone days without sleep. At some point, once I pushed past that robotic zombie stage, I did start to hallucinate. Like serious, mostly scary, hallucinations. Again, it is not something I would recommend. Especially if you drive.



I have tried taking baths with Clary Sage essential oils. It did put me in a heightened state of relaxation beyond that of just taking a warm bath. I still do it from time to time because I like the calming quality of it.


I also do meditate. It helps me to relax at night before sleeping. Sometimes I have meditated for hours at a time. I have had several very unusual meditative experiences that I will describe sometime. When I can figure out how to talk about them without sounding like a total kook.


But none of those highs compare to this thing I used to do with my friend M, and sister J when we were kids.


We would stand with our backs against a wall and bend forward, as though we were trying to touch our toes (something I have only been able to do in the last few years thanks to yoga).We would breathe rapidly and deeply for a few minutes.

Exactly like this but breathing really heavily.


Then we would stand up suddenly and hold our breaths. This never worked for me for weeks and weeks of trying. And then one day M put her hands around my throat. I don’t know if it was the pressure or the restriction of air. But it worked.


It worked so well that sometimes I would lose consciousness. I really enjoyed doing it until one time I lost consciousness, fell down, and hit my head on the door handle and almost gave myself a concussion.


I refused to try it again after that.


Did anyone else do these things? Are there things you did to get high that I am not mentioning?



19 thoughts on “Getting High

  1. Over exercising and the massive endorphin rush that followed afterwards. Did the traditional smoking a joint when I was younger but I never really liked it, so I stopped.

  2. I did the spinning and that was so much fun. I don’t like doing it now cause it makes me sick. At school we used stand with our back against the wall, hold our breaths, and a couple of people were pressing down your chest. I’ve never tried it. I was always the one who pushed, but it made people pass out. I don’t think it was safe at all.
    Nowadays, I get high by running. It makes me so relaxed afterwards.
    I am very interested in hearing about your meditation experiences. Please write about them.

    • I will. But I just think they make me sound so weird and and flaky that I am trying to think of how to do it. I’ll probably just give in and sound weird and flaky. Oh well.

  3. I did a version of spinning that involved holding onto the clothesline pole with one hand and walking around and around and around it. Finally, you let go and try to walk, but if you did it right, you immediately fell down.

    PRO: You could walk around it a lot longer than spinning without falling down, which equalled a much higher level of dizziness. CON: The white paint on the pole rubbed off on your hand and made it all chalky and gross.

  4. My best friend had a trampoline in her back yard. We used to go out on really cold days and bounce as high as we could, taking super deep breaths of the cold, crisp air, until we got so lightheaded that our legs just collapsed beneath us.

    In school we did that thing where you stand in a doorway and press your arms as hard as you can against the sides for a few minutes. Then you take a step forward and your arms float straight up like they’re filled with helium.

  5. When the kids were small, Doc and I used to swing them between us as we walked. Until we dislocated our son’s elbow when he was about 15-months old. He was too young to tell us what the problem was or where it hurt – and he cried for a full afternoon and evening anytime he moved. I took him the doctor, who immediately knew the problem and popped it back in place. However, since it was dislocated for so long, the tendons and ligaments had all stretched – so his elbow got dislocated at least 3-4 times a year for a couple of years. Once, he was holding onto a street sign post with that arm and swinging himself around it – sure enough, dislocation. After the first few times, the doctor taught me how to pop it back into place myself. So, if you ever get an elbow dislocation – I’m your gal.

    I don’t get high on illegal substances anymore (I did plenty of them back in the day), but as pot is legal in a neighboring state, I can’t say I haven’t contemplated it again. It’s the munchies that I can’t stand – BUT, I heard on the news the other day they are working on an e-cig type of delivery system for the THC that will NOT cause the munchies! I’m intrigued.

    • I’ve never smoked pot, but I cant wait till it is legal. I would qualify for medical marijuana and I will get prescription brownies! And your poor son. That’s awful.

  6. I also remember the standing up quickly thing… but I never had anyone try to choke me for autoerotic asyphyxiation… I’m too chicken.

    Not surprisingly, my high right now is sex. I like to exercise as well but haven’t done that in a while. While I smoked pot a bit in University I’ve never done anything harder, and likely never will.

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