Bad Girl Blogging

The dazzling Ann over at Ann St. Vincent nominated me for a blogging award. I told you I got a ton of nominations on my hiatus. Apparently I am a Bad Girl Blogger. All I have to say to that is; you people have no idea. But I am starting to tell those stories.

This image could not be less me.

I feel like Ann keeps trying to rub in my face that I could have kissed her when we met, but totally missed out because I never think anyone wants to kiss me, ever. But I intend to get another chance at that when I go visit her sometime.


As a Bad Girl Blogger I have to nominate some fellow Bad Girl Blogger’s. These are kick ass women that talk about sex on their blogs. Also, I vow to live up to my title and share more stories about sex on my blog. I have a lot of them.


I happen to know some amazing female bloggers that talk about sex. So here you go. If you don’t read these women, you should be ashamed of yourself. Not just because they are cool as fuck and talk about sex, but also because they are talented and brilliant writers.

This is more me

Spankalicious: I’m not even sure how I found Sharn, but I am so grateful that I did. She is so candid and comfortable talking about her sexual experiences. I have zero issues talking about sex in real life, and I want to be able to blog about it as comfortably as she does.


A Buick in the Land of Lexus: I have often told Samara that every word she writes feels like sex. She does talk about sex, but even when she isn’t; there is something sexy to me about her prose. But she is also witty and tough and sweet and a little bit intimidating. Read her.


More than Sweet Potatoes: You may have noticed that whenever I have to nominate a blog for something, Debbie always comes to my mind. You may also think it’s because we’re friends in real life. But you’d be wrong. She is awesome and funny and recently started a series about her sex life hilariously titled “What’s in the box?” So go read her!


Gunmetal Geisha: She is a bit deeper and more philosophical than anyone I would normally read for fun. But she does make it fun. I don’t know if she has outright talked about sex on her blog, but she talks about men and dating and sexy things. And her writing style is one I admire and am in awe of.
So, if any of you ladies mentioned above want to participate, feel free to share some of your own picks for Bad Girl Bloggers. But no pressure.


18 thoughts on “Bad Girl Blogging

  1. What are you doing to me? Stop it with the ego inflation! 🙂 I will certainly do this. I actually just wrote part 3 of Dear John’s story. It will go live on Thursday. More about The Bachelor will post on Monday. BRING ON THE SEX STORIES!

    • There ego inflation and then there is honesty. And I swore I would never lie on my blogs. And don’t worry. There are more sex stories in this blog’s future.

  2. Oh how you make me laugh. Nominating you wasn’t an attempt to get you to kiss me!! You are a total badass and highly deserving of the award… And for the record, nothing is being rubbed in your face 😀

    And btw thank you for the lovely compliments! And I think I recommended Sharn to you when we were talking about blogging on the hotel couch. Glad you like her like I do!!

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