Light Switch

I gave myself a project this weekend. Because I apparently don’t have enough of those. I decided to take all my old skanky wall plates and decoupage them into something cool and cute.


They really were gross.

The wallplates in my apartment have probably never been changed. They look like they are actually somehow older than the apartment itself. And that kind of minor thing really bothers me.


I managed to decoupage all the ones in the kitchen and bathroom with absolutely no issues. It was surprisingly easy, actually. Deceptively so.


Not bad. Not bad.

I next removed the wall plates in the living room and dining room with no major issues. But, if you guys know me (and you do) then you know that nothing ever goes smoothly. Like ever.


I went into my bedroom and unscrewed the light switch from the wall. These wall plates were all painted on ages ago by some lazy slob that didn’t know you have to take the plates off when you paint. But a little paint barrier was no match for my trusty screwdriver.


I had used it to break the seal on several of the other wall plates. So I slid it under the wall plate and attempted to pry it up from the wall.


In that split fucking second there was a flash of beautiful light. It was the exact color of an old timey light bulb filament. And a pop. And everything in my bedroom went dark.

I love these old light bulbs. They’re lovely.

My heart was pounding. I knew instantly what had happened. I popped the plate off and even in the dark I could see the scorch mark. And my screwdriver was melted and black.

20141117_145207 (1)

My actual screwdriver.

Now, my screwdriver wasn’t rated for an electric shock. I don’t know why I wasn’t at least shocked by it if not electrocuted. In fact, I am kind of disappointed I wasn’t shocked. I am pretty curious to know what would happen.


I see it going one of two ways. Either the electricity of even a mild shock would stop my already damaged heart and I would die. Or the shock could potentially knock me back into normal rhythm and I’d actually feel better. Like a homemade defibrillator.

I’ve never had the pleasure of being defibrillated before.

Maybe next time we’ll find out. For science.


I tried resetting my breakers but that didn’t work and the power was still out in my bedroom all night. And I slept horribly. Because I literally keep three nightlights in there normally. I’m genuinely afraid of the dark and can’t sleep in that pitch blackness.

I have 10 of these in my one bedroom apartment. For real.

And now you guys know another one of my big secrets. I’m scared of the dark. Like a child.
But my switches all look pretty nice.


I’m really pleased with them.


26 thoughts on “Light Switch

  1. Here’s a maybe – Check and see if you have a ground fault interruptor (GFI or GFCI) outlet in your bedroom. You can recognize it by the two little pushbutton thingies That are there between the outlets. (Google “gfci receptacle” and check the images.)

    But! You may have tripped the GFCI circuit on that outlet. You can hit the restore button on that switch and potentially restore the juice to that circuit.

    And take it from me, I REALLY don’t think you want to get whacked by a typical house circuit. I doubt the A/C current will do your ticker any good, and it really gives you the totally wrong kind of buzz.


  2. There’s no market for homemade defribs. Dang. Suddenly Debby Boone’s ‘You Light Up My Life’ is all you can think of in the pitch black of your bedroom. Scary arc of electricity there. Glad it didn’t end your project for good. The new light plates look great.

  3. This is so cool! I’m totally doing this to a couple of mine. Thanks for the idea. I’m so glad you didn’t electrocute yourself…let’s AVOID that shall we? haha 😀

  4. I came home one day to my old apartment and the entire downstairs lost power. Blew a fuse. Great except I was the only apartment left that hadn’t switched to a breaker box.

    Miraculously, when I woke up the next morning, the power was back on. I hope they rewired that place after I left!

    LOVE the covers. I am feeling inspired and I’m not all that crafty either.

  5. My daughter is a huge Marvel comics fan – she is now dying to do this and wants to know if you just used comics or did you have to use something heavier? I told her it might be a super, super-hero secret – but because I love her I told her I would ask J. PS, I found your story to be quite shocking!

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