My Crafting Adventures: Embroidery

Warning: I’m basically telling this story to show off my new obsessive  hobby. Sorry for the blatant self indulgence.


My sister, J, asked me to make her a beaded bib necklace. She wants something large and intricate and reminiscent of Alphonse Mucha. He is one of our favorite artists. And since you all know how much I love my sister, I was determined to learn how to make it for her.

She wants this chest piece, specifically.

But I realized I needed to learn to embroider to learn to embroider with beads. Embroidery was already on my list of crafts to learn anyway. I figured there was no better time.


I decided I wanted to embroider an anatomical human heart. I doubt that is surprising to anyone that reads this blog. I also didn’t put any thought into the level of difficulty involved in this project. As usual.


My first embroidery!

You guys have already seen my cross stitch creations. Embroidery may look similar, but the techniques could not be more different. Embroidery was hard. And serious. And gorgeous.


This is framed and hung over my toilet.

I was only learning embroidery at this point as a means to an end.  I had no intention of falling in love with it. And yet, I am completely obsessed. It is so satisfying to finish a piece. I love everything about it. It is soothing and rhythmic. And just mindless enough to do when I am emotionally exhausted.


I made this for Debbie at More Than Sweet Potatoes. It’s a whale skeleton. Freaky.

Embroidery is like drawing with fabric and string. You can make anything. In fact, if you guys go to my Pinterest (link on the right) my crafts page is mainly full of incredible embroideries done by people far more skilled and clever than myself.


I have gotten around to making myself a beaded bib necklace, but that is a story for another post. I haven’t made hers yet. But I will, and once I do, I will share it with you all.


This is a Nordic protection symbol. I have always loved it.

Almost every other craft I have ever learned had a learning curve. The first few times I tried it were awkward, uncomfortable, and the results were pretty disastrous. I’m not sure why embroidery wasn’t that way.


Fetus in feto for my sister. What can I say? I like bones and diseases, she like furs and medical disorders.

I fell in love with the first thing I ever made. And have been mostly pleased with all my pieces since.


Owl for my brother.

I can foresee me turning into a crazy embroidery lady with hoops on every wall, just littering my apartment with string and fabric pictures.


Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!


29 thoughts on “My Crafting Adventures: Embroidery

  1. Nicely done! My first needlework project was embroidery on some pillow cases. Mom had some ancient iron-on transfers of pretty daisies in a wicker basket. Things sure are different now in the image department!

  2. I have my first embroidery piece sitting in my craft chest. It’s been there since the Arts and Crafts Fair in February lol

    I have never embroidered so I’m feeling a bit anxious about it.

    Yours looks amazing.

  3. I absolutely love the heart, it looks beyond amazing for a first project!

    My mother was always a whiz with needlework. I don’t quite have her knack for embroidery, but I kick ass at bead weaving. And I’ve pretty much been in “little old knitting granny” training since my early twenties. It’s satisfying to be crafty.

    • So satisfying! I had to start the whole Crafting Adventures series to share my ever expanding list of crafterly hobbies. I have too many and don’t plan on stopping. And thank you. I was pretty impressed with myself.

  4. Why isn’t anyone commenting on the whale skeleton? Are you and I the only weird people who think it’s incredible (not the skill, everyone knows you’re amazing…the actual skeleton)!?!? I knew we were friends for a reason….

  5. This post suddenly brought back a memory for me – God knows where it was buried, but suddenly I remembered these great kitchen towels my grandmother gave me when I got married (the first time – to The Loser). She had embroidered each one and, if I’m remembering correctly, they were cute, little bears. Now I am sad because I have no idea where those kitchen towels went.

  6. Your crafting abilities are ridiculous. However, the nordic symbol of protection is making my eyes pop out of my socket. That is badass. I would probably hang that over my toilet so I could call upon thor to help me drop the hammer… except not a hammer… if you know what I mean 😉

  7. That is very cool! And, is that a fetus inside a fetus? lol

    I like to embroider too, but the only thing I’ve done so far was part of a quilt for my cousin. I’m working on a little bird, now. I’m not very good at drawing so I need to trace my designs.

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