We Hit a Bird

In school all of my friends were a bit older than me. I was the youngest in my class due to my birthday being over summer break. That meant they were all getting their licenses and driving months before I would.


My friend, K was seeing this guy that I didn’t really like. But we all hung out pretty often, he was older and had a car. Anyway,  he told me a superstition I had never heard before. It is apparently extremely bad luck to hit a bird with your car.





Seriously great movie. Though I do adore Hitchcock in general.

I myself am not superstitious, but I do kind of collect superstitions. I am really fascinated with them. So if any of you guys know any, feel free to share them.

She should also have some spilled salt there.

But I wasn’t sure how it was possible to even hit a bird with your car. Don’t they fly? I had never even heard of someone hitting a bird with a car.


A few years later T and I were living together and I was carpooling to work with him. We also worked together. I know that it is a terrible idea to date co-workers. A lesson I wish I could say I have learned. But, I am an idiot and will apparently never learn that lesson.


I mention T  here. It was very early in the morning, still in the grey light before the sun comes up. We were driving through a rural area.


I was in the passenger seat when I saw a tiny bird fly directly into the windshield. It hit the glass with a crunch right before my eyes. I knew it was dead. It had to be dead. I had heard it’s tiny little skull crack.


I need a bird skull ring.


I freaked out. I turned to T. “Oh my god! Oh my god! You hit a bird!”


It was stuck on the windshield. It’s feathers fluttering in the wind. “Do something, quick! Get it off!”


T calmly turned on the windshield wipers. But the bird was somehow stuck beneath the wiper. He smeared it’s crushed body across the length of the windshield. Along with a long rainbow of blood.




I couldn’t find one with blood, sorry.

“What are you doing! It’s stuck! Oh god!” I was really grossed out by this point. I’m not great with handling things so early in the morning. I was barely awake, let alone prepared for the bird carnage at this time of day.


By this point T was kind of grossed out too. “We killed a bird. We killed a bird.” He kept saying it over and over. But, for the record, I was an innocent passenger. I didn’t kill that bird.


The more he ran the wipers, the more blood he smeared across the windshield.


Finally, he admitted defeat. He pulled over and got shovel out of the back. He pulled the dead bird off the windshield and flung it into the woods.

I wanted to give it a proper burial. But T was in a rush to get to work. It was one of the few fights we ever actually had. The rest of that relationship was silent seething and constant misery.

He looked shaken and grey when he was done. I barely ate for the rest of the day. I kept seeing that bird hit the windshield. I kept hearing the crunch of it’s skull.

I don’t know if it gave us bad luck. I already had my weird luck long before  he hit that bird. We eventually broke up and I don’t speak to him anymore. Though I’m not sure that us breaking up was bad luck either.


13 thoughts on “We Hit a Bird

  1. Here are some (Asian) superstitions I was told growing up:

    #1: Every grain of rice I leave in my bowl will show up as a pimple on my face.
    #2: Drumming with your chopsticks is considered to be bad luck. #3: I was born a blonde (yes…yes…I know but I have the pictures to prove it) but my Mom said my hair darkened due to all the soy sauce I had growing up.

  2. Don’t ask me how they figured this out, that is, who did the study and whatnot but: apparently, birds don’t usually die if they are struck by a car, per se. They land on the highway all dazed and woozy and will recover. Until they are smooshed by a passing vehicle, that is.

    Boy, wasn’t this a fun post!

  3. The rainbow of blood made me go, “Eewwwwww!” Also, I know that sick feeling all too well. I have not hit a bird (that I know of) but I have been in a car that hit a cat and I personally ran over and killed a dog. That makes it sound like I was out to kill dogs that day – and that’s not the case. This dog literally ran right in front of me and I couldn’t stop. I can still see his goofy dog-smile as he ran into the road (and feel the “bump-bump” as the tires went right over him) – that makes it 100% worse.

  4. How traumatizing! And, ew. The image of blood being smeared on the windshield in my mind is horrifying. I am thankful that all you found was a rainbow because I can replace the image on my mind with that one! 🙂

  5. I’m sure you could find a picture with blood … however, hitting a rainbow pooping unicorn or fairy is more interesting and a victory in comparison to a bird. I would have squealed if I hit a bird, pulled over, and would have checked on the poor thing.

    It’s said that it’s good luck if a bird poops on you. Considering this moment “pooped” on your day, I guess it counts … optimism, trying to find the most of it when we can.

    • I wanted a rainbow of blood. Though to be fair, I didn’t look very hard. I never believed that getting shit on by a bird is good luck. Or anything else for that matter. Let’s all just keep poop where it belongs, away from me.

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