Adventures in Blogging: Debbie does Deerfield Beach

This weekend while BlogHer was happening in California, I decided to go visit Debbie from More than Sweet Potatoes. She is awesome and hilarious and fun. She came to see me last time we hung out and besides, she was trying to get me to adopt her found cat.


I kept making a lot of jokes the whole time about getting a cat. Like how it was the first step of becoming a crazy cat lady, etc. But I wasn’t sold on the idea. And then I got there and it wouldn’t stop licking me and being all up on my hands, making out with them. It made me pretty uncomfortable.

Lady has too many cats

One cat may very well lead to this. So. Many. Cats.

We even tried to force it to lick Debbie, but he wasn’t having it. What’s up with my hands being delicious to animals? And how do I get human men to buy into it?


She and I went to see some hurt turtles, because if there is one thing she and I love, as evidenced from our previous adventure, is hurt animals.

It’s a kind of tropical tree down here.

I’m about to tell you guys the biggest un-secret in my life. I fucking love things like this Gumbo Limbo place. It had nature walks with plants and trails and science and learning and pieces of animal poo on display.


I’m sorry, ‘scats.’

First we went to see the giant tanks of fish. An underage volunteer came over and asked us if we had any questions. We were just arriving, looking at fish. I didn’t have a question. He sat near us in awkward silence until I suddenly had a question.


I made Debbie promise to put a sunken ship in the pool at her future house.

“Do you guys eat the fish when they die?”


He looked kind of surprised for a minute. But then he told me ‘no’ which I think is a waste of dead fish, but whatever.


Besides giant squid; seahorses are my favorite ocean animal.

We went to see the injured turtles. They had other tanks of other, more injured turtles hiding in the back tanks. Debbie and I were morbidly obsessed with seeing them. I figured they were some kind of hideous disfigured freaks that the wildlife preserve didn’t want us to see. And we were mostly unsuccessful in seeing them.


So cute! Hurt animals!

Then we saw the baby turtles and they were attached to the most adorable little turtle harnesses. It’s possible that I squealed like a little girl. Several times.


Oh god, the little harnesses.

We also went on a nature walk through a butterfly garden. And climbed up some scary ass giant tower that overlooked both the ocean and the river. At some point I was hanging onto the railing like gravity had suddenly stopped working. Meanwhile, Debbie was posing on the bench like the Statue of Liberty.


We also posed on some giant metal turtles. Note to self: Metal gets very hot in direct sunlight.


And these pictures made me realize how much this shirt does not fit me.

We also played a super fun guessing game that was educational too.

20140727_154946 (1)

She was pretty good too.

So basically, Debbie is the best platonic date ever.


That’s actually fear on my face at the top of that tower.


21 thoughts on “Adventures in Blogging: Debbie does Deerfield Beach

    • I’m an environmentalist and if zoo workers and animal care centers don’t eat their dead animals then there’s just no hope for this planet. Plus, I bet giraffe is delicious.

    • I just cant handle animals being all up in my personal space. Like licking on me obsessively. I want a chill animal that mostly leaves me alone. And can take care of itself. Or maybe just a boyfriend.

  1. There’s a giant metal turtle like that at the San Diego zoo and my parents have a pic of me sitting on it with a VERY skeptical look on my face. Apparently I thought it was real and was bribed with a pink cup to sit on it. I still have the cup 25 years later. It was a fair trade.

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