My Crafting Adventures: The L Word Birthday Miracle

Let me just get this out of the way first. The time stamp on my WordPress is always all wonky. As I am writing this, I am two hours away from turning 30.


I should explain that the Birthday Miracle part of this is something I stole from my brother. He calls our birthdays “Birthday Miracles.” Last year for my birthday miracle he discovered the cache of dumpster shirts.


There were nearly 100 in all. He was walking through an industrial part of town and came across a dumpster full of shirts. He fished them out and they were awesome. We go back periodically for more and it’s mostly all I wear anymore.


Like that time I met Debbie? Dumpster shirt. Or when I was riding the giant brass piggy bank in Seattle? Dumpster shirt. They are secretly embedded everywhere on this blog.


Dumpster tank top. Also, I look exhausted here.


Anyway, I decided I was going to make this craft project as a birthday present to myself. I always give myself gifts on the corresponding occasions. I am an amazing gift giver. And I always know exactly what I want.


If you read my Twitter, you may have already seen this craft project. But too bad. It’s my birthday and I do what I want.


A few months ago, I was watching The L Word. I really liked the first season but stopped somewhere in the third.


At some point during the The L Word marathon, there was an artist that made these things. They were delicate mobiles covered in ornaments and glass balls and crystals. The real artist is Julia Condon.

I am clearly not, and will never be, at this level.

They actually reminded me of a the skeleton of some strange creature. All shiny metal and sparkling glass. Like what a dinosaur jellyfish skeleton would look like in a dream.


They are amazing!


And I knew I had to make one for myself.


In typical me fashion, I put this project off until this week. I had already bought the ornaments and had plenty of crystals and beads lying around. Plus, I knew I had some copper wire. Somewhere.


I sat down last weekend and patted myself on the back. I was going to cobble this thing together with plenty of time to spare. After all, I am a crafting genius.


I started putting it all together, but shit wasn’t working. My copper wire was too flimsy. I needed something heavy duty enough to handle the crystals. This thing is pretty precariously balanced. It takes finesse, which I do not have.


Yesterday, when I got off work, I headed over to Home Depot for some industrial strength copper wire. When I brought it home, I quickly realized it was way too thick for my intentions.

It felt like this.


I sighed. I was like fucking Goldilocks and the Three Copper Wires. Which I think is a way more realistic fairy tale. I mean, bears don’t even eat porridge. They eat little girls that fall asleep in their beds.


I found the right wire today and got down to business. And it turns out the thing was so much harder than I thought it would be. I hurt myself several times. But after four hours, I finally finished.


I felt so proud of it, I spammed everyone I know with pictures. Including Twitter.


So proud.


This must be how new mothers feel. I wanted everyone to see what I had made. Except my thing wasn’t ever in my vagina.


I did it! I made this thing!


And so, The L Word Birthday Miracle was created. It is currently hanging over my beading table. It has passed the first test of a successful project: It didn’t fall and break immediately.


Birthday Miracle!

The second test is to make sure it doesn’t fall sometime in the night. That test is more important as it gives me a coronary and also makes me think I have poltergeists. So, we’ll see.


25 thoughts on “My Crafting Adventures: The L Word Birthday Miracle

  1. I don’t want to congratulate prematurely, so I just say I hope you’ll have an awesome day tomorrow! I love birthdays (even at my progressing age), and I love getting birthday wishes (even from perfect strangers).
    And it’s a great idea to give oneself a present. Your birthday miracle looks perfect

  2. Happy birthday you creative genuis you!!

    Look at it!

    I love the bit especially about how it wasn’t created in your vagina. Reminded me of that woman that was the museum for a while knitting a scarf from her vagina. It always made me wonder if it would forever have the smell to it, yanno?


    • Sharn — you just HAD to share that story, didn’t ya? And, of course, then I just HAD to go and Google the story. And, it just HAD to be dinner time. Now that image and the cringe factor associated with it will forever be with me — but I learned a valuable lesson about reading blogs while eating my dinner 🙂

  3. Maurna — I seriously could be your MOTHER! I keep on forgetting that I’m this close to ancient until I realize that my friends are barely out of their teens! Your creation is beautiful — as are you! Hope your birthday was happy!

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