Zombie Attack

There is a giant flea market near where I live. We used to go when I was a kid. I had pretty fond memories of Flea World.

Even the sign looks dirty.


I mean, it was kind of skeezy, but what flea market isn’t? It did seem like the kind of place where you would get Hepatitis C from the turtles. Or feline AIDS from the cats. But still…


One day, my ex, A,  my brother, T, and I decided to go back to that flea market. I believe we were on an epic quest to find some cheap, interesting bandannas for T. He had long hippie hair and kept it back with a never ending supply of bandannas.


Like this. In case you were picturing either Bret Michaels or Tupac.


So we pulled into this parking lot. And it’s huge, like the size of an actual mall parking lot. But we were one of only a very few cars.


The place looked run down and seedy. And honestly, kind of creepy. Where were all the people? It was a Sunday!


We walk up to the first row of booths. There were no vendors. And there was nobody around. We did not pass a single other person.


We walked down the row, and there was not even one booth set up. The place was as eerie as a ghost town. The only sign of civilization was some trash blowing in the light breeze.


Actually, a ghost town would be less creepy.


We were all exchanging glances with each other now. What the fuck was happening? This place used to be crammed with people all weekend, every weekend.


We turned a corner to the intersecting row. And again, it was completely deserted. I started to feel like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone. I was getting a bad feeling by this point.


I turned to A and T and asked if they felt like they were in some kind of post apocalyptic movie. Before they could answer, we all suddenly heard something.


There was a sound system set up in the flea market. I don’t know if it was actually from the 1950’s or if it was just shitty and poor quality. But the music being played on these tinny, scratchy speakers was something from the Depression Era. It wasn’t this song, but something similarly haunting.


I love Depression Era music, and even I thought this was disturbing. At this point the three of us looked at each other. I was positive we were about to get attacked by zombies at any moment.


I started looking around for a weapon. It was too creepy for something really bad to not happen. I felt like I was in a movie. It was a very surreal experience.


I’d rather be dead.


We stupidly continued on in the face of an almost certain horror movie ending.


We turned another corner and finally saw someone. I was what appeared to be actual, living people. It was a band. The people in the band looked like something out of Deliverance. And the closer we got, the better I could hear their music. They were playing weird religious revival music.


You’d be surprised how much of Florida looks like this.


By this point, I could not have been more ready to leave. But T and A were having a great time. They were loving every second of this disturbing shit. I think they play too many video games.


In the end, we did find the bandannas and I did not get Hepatitis C, Feline AIDS. And nobody was attacked by zombies.



8 thoughts on “Zombie Attack

  1. So, where were all the people? Was everyone watching the band? Did anyone ever come to open the booths? You can’t leave me hanging without more details!

    • Nothing. It was pretty anti-climatic after that. We bought some bandannas and high tailed it out of that creepy as fuck place. And I’ve never been back. I still have life left to live.

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