Neighborhood Spacecraft

The house I was born in was a tiny box of a house in a shitty neighborhood. There was an empty lot next door where prostitutes would hang out at night. During the day we would go play in the empty lot. My father had to clean up the used needles and broken glass to ensure it was safe for us.


Like this, but more sandspurs.


There were these concrete steps that my brother fell down a lot. He has a little scar on his chin where he split it open once. Or twice. It’s hard to know.


I remember very little about this house or this neighborhood. We moved away before my little sister was born, so I was probably two when we moved.


But I do remember our neighbors. They had this thing in their yard. It was a giant metal spaceship. It was a life sized replica of a spacecraft.


I swear it looked exactly like this!


We would go back to visit the old neighborhood and I was always excited to see it. I would wonder, for hours, where and why they had bought it. Or had they made it themselves?


Were they UFOlogists? Was it secretly a working spacecraft that they intended to try to fly? Was it secretly a crashed alien spacecraft? Did they have aliens hidden away in their basement?


The possibilities were really endless and endlessly fascinating. I would sit and think about it for hours. Literally, hours. I was fucking obsessed with the riddle of this bizarre spacecraft hidden in the middle some drug filled city neighborhood.


In retrospect, this was probably the beginning of my interest in the occult. Let me explain, that I don’t really necessarily believe in the occult. But I am unusually fascinated by it.


It’s just interesting.


I have thought about this UFO off and on for many years. I first saw it when I was two. But never forgot about it. I still think about it once in a while. Still wondering what the purpose was. I think this might say something about me, because…


I finally asked my father about it a few years ago. It took me a few minutes to explain what I was referring to. But then he finally realized that I was talking about our neighbors that had an old airstream trailer in their yard.


There is no way this is what I was looking at.

It’s funny how memories work sometimes. It’s funny the way my mind remembers what was probably a broken down, rusting, trailer as this incredible spacecraft. And it’s funny the way my mind refuses to believe it was anything but that.


22 thoughts on “Neighborhood Spacecraft

  1. This is so sweet! It makes me want to hug you and squeeze you and pat your curly little head. But since that is not an option, please accept a big ol’ ear-to-ear grin. Loved it.

  2. Awwww, I think those trailers look like UFO’s too!! I think it’s all the glinty silvery bullet train looking thing… it’s otherworldly.

    You know, I say campervan and imagine one of those retro things, with a glass ceiling so that I can watch the world go past.

    • That would be awesome. Sometimes I look at tiny house porn on the internet. People living in campers or building tiny houses. I have too many books and crafts, though.

    • It doesn’t make me sad because reality doesn’t change my memory. I cant go back and turn it into an airstream in my mind. All I can do is wonder at what kind of child I was.

  3. I was obsessed with aliens when I was young — I used to sit outside and try to beam my thoughts to any ship that might be within range. I desperately wanted to be abducted and taken to their planet — where I would, of course, be treated like a goddess.

    They never took me up on the offer — but I guess there is still time.

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