My Life in 6 Songs

Here it is. My life in 6 songs over at Running on Sober. At first I was going to try to make it all funny stuff. Like I like to think my blog is.


But that wouldn’t be the truth. I always said I would tell the truth here. My life wasn’t always so funny. And I couldn’t deny that when trying to tell the story of my life.


If you are here for a laugh, come back in a few days. I have more funny stories to tell. But that’s not the story I’m telling today. Go check out my life in 6 songs, if you want.


I am always scared and hesitant to be serious. Maybe if I am not funny or entertaining, you guys wouldn’t be here reading and following and commenting. But I am going to be serious.

Please feel free to leave comments here or there. I’ll do my best to respond, but my father is also having open heart surgery today and I’ll be busy with that.


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