Sunrail Curse

The sunrail opened up here last week. My brother, T, and I have been excitedly awaiting it’s construction. There is a station a few blocks from my apartment and one a few blocks from his apartment.



Looks like The Rocketeer.


During these first two weeks all fare was free to ride. We determined to ride the rails like hobos in the Great Depression.


I heard some of these guys didn’t know the Great Depression was over for years and years. Freaky.


Last week we went down to the station and waited for 45 min for a train. Only to find that the train would be delayed another hour. We shrugged and went to get dinner instead.


After dinner we went back to the railway station and waited another 20 min. Only to find that the train would be delayed another hour. We decided we weren’t meant to ride that night and agreed to try again in a few days when the sunrail people got their shit together.


Well, a few days turned into a few more days and I had to cancel again due to not feeling well and then a second time due to work scheduling issues (I am the worst, I know).


T and I began to joke that the sunrail was cursed for us. But we finally got together on Wednesday to ride this damn train.


The train was surprisingly on time and we even found a seat in one of the mid-level cars. I am 6’1” and my brother is 6’4”. These cars are very definitely intended for the “average” rider, maybe someone around 5’7”.


It was cramped and very crowded. But it was free, so we weren’t complaining. We were seated in a set of forward facing seats that faced a set of rear facing seats.


It was a bit like this.


I had taken something for my back pain. My pain medicine makes me very chatty and filter-less. It has gotten me into trouble in the past. But I was in a quiet mood that evening.


Until a crazy lady sat across from us. I don’t use the word crazy lightly. As soon as she sat down, I knew, she was going to say some shit to us. I immediately compliment her giant gem stone cross around her neck. I also told her it was glittery. But I immediately realized it sounded like I was going to try to mug her. I almost told her, “Don’t worry, I won’t rob you.” But was lucid enough to realize that would be the opposite of reassuring.




She was also wearing a stretch bracelet of various saints. It was very interesting. And sure enough, she talked non-stop about the government.



Now I can re-create her look.


Luckily, we were only traveling a few stops. We got off the train and set off on a quest to visit Super Target. After getting lost twice and taking a detour to the long way, we had reached our destination.


I was so tired from the walk that I rode one of those electric scooters around the store. I have a lot of experience with them from my heart surgery days.


The walk back to the station was much more pleasant and fast. We didn’t get lost and the sun was setting. It was 90 degrees instead of 97 degrees. We had bought a bag a groceries. Mine was mostly junk food. (Thank you, drugged up me!)


At the train station we heard an announcement. The train is running on a modified schedule.


I don’t know about you, but ‘modified schedule’ sounds like a bunch of pacifying bullshit to me. So I looked up the customer service number and called.


The customer service rep was actually pretty rude and unfriendly. He would only say. “The train has been delayed and is running on a modified schedule.”


“But what does that mean? I have groceries. Should I be calling a cab instead of waiting?”


“I can’t advise you of that, ma’am.”


“Do you not have any ETA? What is causing this delay?”


“There was an accident on the tracks with a car and a train.”


“So, it’s going to be a while.”


“They are saying it has been delayed indefinitely.”


I got a little pissed off at that. ‘Indefinitely’ sounds very different than ‘modified.’ They mean vastly different things.


I told the customer service guy, “I would suggest someone communicate that to the thousands of people waiting for trains right now.”   I am still surprised by how unhelpful he was.





So I called a cab. It was only my second cab ride ever. It was scary. The guy was incredibly reckless. But he was fast.
My brother and I decided we were going to wait to ride again in the future. Though we were glad that our sunrail curse only ended in a cab ride and not in a train wreck or accident for ourselves.


14 thoughts on “Sunrail Curse

  1. Oh man, sounds like our trains.

    Granted mostly they run on time.

    Unless it’s raining. Or it’s too hot.

    Or some unfortunate decided to use one as a life ending exercise.

  2. How life perfectly pans out for a great story to come from that. I love trains, but when delays hit, they hit hard.

    Are you really 6’1″? Damn. Oh, you tall women. It’s funny. because women, many of them, prefer the guy to be taller than them. I’ll find a girl who is 5’10” or 11″ and feel “not good enough for them since they could be looking for someone taller.

    • I am 6’1″. I’m freaky tall. How tall are you?

      I don’t have height requirements. Mine is more like a height/weight ratio. I prefer 5’10” or taller. See women, if I can date a man shorter than me; all of you can date one “only” a few inches taller. (This is a major pet peeve of mine). But if they are under 5’10” then they need to be over a certain weight/size ratio. I can’t do short and slim as it makes me feel very uncomfortable. Both like I am a pedophile and like I am a giant, fat, freak of nature.

      But I tend to care much more about how someone treats me than how they look. I have a list of things I want in a man and none of them are based on looks.

  3. I’m with Christopher.
    My big take away was, Damn! you’re tall!

    I like trains, too. But not enough to wait indefinitely. What does that mean? one hour? 6 hours? too vague.

  4. Sounds like they have some work to do on the train line. But I have to admit the train is an interesting place and a (Mostly) Safe place to meet all kinds of people.

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