Tour My Apt part 2 (This time it’s personal)

Due to popular demand, two very kind people humoring me, I decided to go for part two in the series:







This is a seeder. It’s used to evenly spread seeds. I kind of love industrial equipment. I find it fascinating. And my mother grew up on a farm.




This is an Appalachian door harp. I found it at a thrift store not knowing what it was. It was just cool looking and pretty. Now I love it; it makes a lovely chime whenever I open or close the door.





Can I post art? Oh well, I hope so. This is Princess Peach and the Pea. The Princess and the Pea was my absolute favorite fairy tale. It was made by the insanely talented the P is for Penis. Check out his stuff. I met him at ComicCon. A lot of my art comes from there.





In case you didn’t know, I am almost legally blind. This makes me feel better about looking so nerdy with my thick frames. Another ComicCon original.




Ladies, space, octopi. Need I say more. Again, from ComicCon. P.S. I am an awful picture taker.





This photo doesn’t do Bette Davis justice. This is a massive oil painting. Maybe five feet by four feet. Some crazy person at a job was going to throw it away. Now she watches over me.





One of my most prized possessions. My sister, J, made these paper flowers for me during my first (15 day) hospital stay. It took her over 4 hours. When I see them, I am reminded of how much she really loves me. And how worried she was about me.









Mother of pearl button wreath I made. I adore it.




I make these ridiculous things. My apartment is covered with them, but this one is a favorite. I love the spanking cover. Best/worst thing about being a crafter.




This was a graduation present from my gay first boyfriend. He was a German exchange student. I love it.


I have lots more but I feel this post is getting a bit too long. Maybe I’ll do another one to add to this series.


As a special bonus though:




I went to this amazing beach for my birthday last year. I thought the rocks were just telling me they loved me, in a platonic way.




Until I saw Penis Rock. Calm down there, buddy. (My brother was uncharacteristically unappreciative of this). But I dare you to tell me that doesn’t look like a penis.


And, yet another post I have gotten out of doing any real writing on.







13 thoughts on “Tour My Apt part 2 (This time it’s personal)

  1. You are adorable! Your apartment sounds magical, almost. I love the button wreath. The seeder is AMAZING! Bette Davis, ditto. In closing, one word of advice. I think the rocks need to review the meaning of “platonic”. And we all know that “Peter” means stone (or rock), yes?

    • Thanks! I sometimes wonder if people love their shit as much as I love mine. But it really isn’t possible. If there is ever a fire I will die just trying to rescue everything! That rock was seriously trying to get it. I should have accepted. It would have been my only birthday sex last year.

  2. Oddly enough, my husband just brought me home a penis-shaped rock yesterday. I love the glimpse into your world. I was actually thinking about the last one you did when I was cleaning today. What I thought was “I’m too lazy to take pictures and make a whole post. I’ll email Maurnas some pics instead.” Lol. I’m tired!

  3. Yes, I am one of ‘those’…those that read an entire blog from the first post onward 🙂 What can I say? I tend to have a bit of time on my hands at work, and I am entirely unapologetic for it too! *I have times when I am run ragged so it all evens out 😉 You have made me snort out loud the prerequisite number of times so I just kept reading! That door harp! LOL My folks had one…it made sneaking out and back in an interesting journey to say the least, bong, ting, ting, ting D’oh!

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