In which I take you on a tour of my apartment

So I have alluded to my apartment and decorations many times. I have been told it looks like a combination yoga retreat, gypsy caravan, mad scientist lab, and healing shaman hut. I am very pleased by that comparison. I hear, despite my freaky shit, my apartment is very calming to be in.


I thought since I just had my apartment re-done and am feeling particularly pleased with it, I would share some of my favorite things with you. It is obviously a work in progress. I still have X-Ray shadowbox nightlights to build. And I didn’t take pictures of the necklaces on every doorknob or the pictures of my sister. Or my craft tables (yes there are two, one just for jewelry making and one for everything else) as they are a bit of a mess. But I think I will be able to still paint an accurate picture of it.

180My transistor collection. I intend to get more and do some kind of art project.



Glass head, shell collection, and wooden clogs.


I bought this when I got my first place alone. It is driftwood, sea glass, crystals, all kinds of cool weird beach-y things.



I call this my seance table. It is a soy candle, crystal, salt lamp, singing bowl, Buddha head, incense.  It just happens to look unintentionally creepy but then I liked it so I kept it that way. (No seances were done at this table. At least, not by me).



I won this beauty at a gem show last year. It was the grand prize drawing. It is huge. Two feet long by almost a foot wide. It’s my coffee table center piece.


Native American bone, turquoise and leather chest piece I made and shadowboxed (which is now a verb).



Goat skull and poison ledger. This is on my TV stand.



Antique French chemistry set. Also on my TV stand. For when I start making antique French meth.



Antler necklace holder. I made it for overflow.


Original driftwood necklace holder. I ran out of room on it. These are both covered in necklaces I have made. making your own jewelry has a ton of perks.




Earring holder I made along with a shitload of earrings I mostly made.



Collage of random shit. Two barometers, thermometer, brass mail slot, mother of pearl drawer pulls, cast iron seahorse, and a freaky wheat and dried grass crown my sister made for me.


I don’t want to make this too long and boring. But that gives you an idea of my space. My bookshelf is not featured, though I love it and it is overflowing with books and comics.  I didn’t include any of my actual artwork (or the crystals that are lying pretty much everywhere) as that would take another blog post. Though, I will make one with those if anyone is really interested.

What do you think? What freaky things do you keep in your apartment? Anyone want to see more of my shit?




22 thoughts on “In which I take you on a tour of my apartment

  1. I love it! I like getting a peek into your world. We have a lot of cool, weird, creepy stuff here too. But it’s all so dusty I’d have to clean before I could take pictures…dammit, will you stop inspiring me? I’m trying to be lazy!

    • Never! I’d love to see your place. Dust and all. I didn’t clean my shit. I think there is something so interestingly voyueristic in seeing inside someone’s home.

  2. Mine is totally boring compared to yours!

    Mostly I have a rope corner, a university book corner and random stuff all over.

  3. More please. Random things in my place:
    *A stick I stole off a cypress tree while camping. I just liked the way it looked.
    *An Antler we found washed up on the beach on the same camping trip
    *A chandelier my dad installed because I fell in love with it

    • Oh, I do sell some of them. I have an Etsy. And a button on my blog linking to it. Feel free email me if you want something specific at The head is so awesome! I actually want another one. My dad has a big glass Buddha head.

  4. “Native American bone, turquoise and leather chest piece”

    Soooo…..I’m just wondering where you were able to procure the bones of Native Americans. Don’t they have a law against that or something? 🙂

    Love your stuff (well, everything except the goat skull perhaps). I just started making jewelry — we’ll have to swap tips (and by that, I totally mean that you need to tell me all of your tips, because I have no idea what I’m doing).

  5. I would particularly not like to see more of your “shit,” because sometimes pieces of poo are disturbing. If people didn’t know you or read your blog, stumbling across your pad in apocalyptic world would convince trespassers to run away.

    Poison ledger… I’m staying on your good side.

    • Even people that do know me sometimes get a bit freaked out the first time. The poison ledger is so interesting! It has details like who, when, and why they were getting the poison. Cool stuff. I’ll have to take some photos for the next installment. Yes there’s more.

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